If saving money makes you happy...

You will love an Energysmart Home!

Capstone talks about green in terms of DOLLARS. A Capstone Home will have a lower price and lower energy costs than any new home which uses propane. You can save when you buy, and you can save $900 per year on energy.

Do numbers tell the whole story?
When it comes to energy efficiency, Capstone Homes DOES think that numbers tell the whole story, but we don’t think all builders are advertising the numbers that truly matter.
The Capstone Homes’ Energy Smart program moves beyond government ratings and “green” building. We focus on value for our owners. It’s why Capstone is the intelligent choice.
Energy Smart focuses on the lowest possible energy costs for a new home.
EnergySmart Homes factor in the COST of energy. EnergySmart is the only builder program that considers the cost of energy. Capstone Homes is the only builder of EnergySmart homes. A Capstone Home is designed to be less expensive for a lifetime.
Some builders may promote their “green” awards and certificates. Capstone Homes is focused on YOUR “green” saved each month in lower energy bills.

I’d always thought building a new home was supposed to be very stressful & frustrating, but your team has made it a pleasant, stress-free experience. I have been recommending Capstone to several of my friends who are thinking of moving to DE. Thanks again!”
Kathleen -Capstone Homes Onwer, Cannery Village

What is EnergySmart, and Why Do I want It?

Energy Star, HERS Rating, LEED Certification, Green Homes, Healthy Homes, Super Homes…Who can make sense of it all? At Capstone Homes, we speak a language we think makes sense to people. That language is cost- and we have maximized your new Capstone Homes to have the lowest energy costs of any new home. We think that’s smart…

What is Different About Energy Smart?

There is one major difference. An EnergySmart home has been designed to factor in the COST of energy. Most builders think about how to use the least amount of energy. We factor in the cost of energy, and Capstone builds a home to have the lowest energy costs. Sometimes, that might mean Capstone Homes score higher on the HERS than other new homes, but it means our homes cost less to operate.
To get lower HERS numbers, most builders use fossil fuels to heat the home. The long-term trend for price of these fuels is almost certainly UP. Some builders go so far as to show actual ELECTRIC BILLS for homes that have PROPANE heat.

Heat pump? is that the best way to heat a home?

Absolutely. Capstone uses a two-stage Bryant Evolution Heat Pump in most of our communities. This unit works efficiently at temperatures well below freezing, and it is perfect for our climate. A two stage system will typically run at a lower setting 80% of the time.

At Capstone, we don’t install “builder grade” heating and cooling equipment. Bryant is one of the highest rated heat pump systems according to Consumer Reports*. Consumer Reports also said, “you may want to give AMANA, GOODMAN and YORK the cold shoulder. All three brands logged the most repairs in our latest reliability surveys of more the 40,000 readers.”*

Better equipment reduces the cost of ownership. A two stage system will typically run at a lower setting 80% of the time. This translates in real savings for years to come.

Advanced Construction Science

Capstone Homes uses advances in construction science that makes for a lower cost of ownership.
Our homes are built with 2×6 exterior walls- framed 16” On Center (O.C.). We use a 3-Stud Corner to maximize insulation. Some builders use walls with 24” O.C. walls or 2×4 walls- Capstone chooses a stronger wall and thinks a solid structure is a better value.
Capstone also uses engineered floor joists in our homes, and our exterior sheathing is the advanced ZIP Wall System.
Capstone takes our solid structure and uses Energy Star qualified windows and lifetime architectural shingles.

Built Responsibly

What is one of the most effective ways to build an energy-efficient home? Easy! Keep outside air from getting in. Capstone installs a Blown-In-Blanket-System (BIBS) of fiberglass insulation. The BIBS give a Capstone Home an insulation value of R-23 in our walls, which is 77% better than Energy Star requirements.

Capstone Home an insulation value of R-23 in our walls- 77% better than Energy Star requirements.

Capstone also seals the entire home with a draft stop air seal to block air from leaking.
A Capstone Home is built upon a conditioned crawlspace (or basement), which increases the efficiency and comfort of the entire home while reducing the chance for excessive humidity in the foundation.

Is there more?

Yes! Capstone Homes makes sure your HVAC system is Energy Star Qualified, properly sized, and your duct work is sealed tight.
Capstone also uses a manifold plumbing system which reduces water usage throughout the home.

Capstone is the only builder of EnergySmart homes in the area. To learn more about the EnergySmart home, stop into one of our communities or our Coastal Highway office and see for yourself.

Capstone's Maniblock System

The manifold system allows for all of the plumbing supply runs to be done without joints in the walls of your new Capstone Delaware beach home. Capstone treats all of our homes to prevent termite infestation.
The most recent Capstone Homes have exceeded the Energy Star Standard by more than 20%! That’s great news for your utility bills, and its good for our planet. These are just some of the superior features in a Capstone Home. To learn more, visit our communities.

Rest assured that a Capstone Home is an intelligent choice for your new Delaware beach home.

Learn More About EnergySmart
*See Consumer Reports May 2012 for heat pump reliability.