EnergySmart- Cold matters.

7 March 2015
7 March 2015, Comments Comments Off on EnergySmart- Cold matters.

I can’t tell you how many people walk into a Capstone Homes sales center and want to talk about SEER ratings and energy efficiency.  If you aren’t someone who is looking for a Delaware builder AND wants to talk about SEER rating, then let me explain.

SEER, which stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, is a measure of the efficiency of air conditioning.  The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the air conditioning unit is.

Respectfully, this isn’t the issue at hand when it comes to energy efficiency.  At Capstone Home, we believe in EnergySmart.  EnergySmart focuses on the economics of green building.  If you are looking to purchase a Delaware new home, then the EnergySmart focus of your new Delaware home needs to be on heat.

Heat matters more.

The simple reason is that, in your Delaware new home, the heating system will be a much larger contributor to energy consumption than will the air conditioning.  The logic is easy.  At the Delaware beaches, a temperature of 90 degrees or above occurs, on average, about 15 to 20 days per year.  If the thermostat is set to 72, then on these days, a Delaware new home has to keep the inside are temperature about 18 degrees cooler than the outside air.  It’s days like this where SEER is a major factor in the cost and efficiency of your new Delaware home.

Here’s the catch… At the Delaware Beaches, the average number of days where the temperature hits 32 degrees or lower is 90-100 days.  With the same thermostat setting, on those days (which are mostly nights, actually), the same Delaware new home has to keep the inside air 40 degrees warmer than the outside air.  On which days do you think the HVAC system is working harder?

SEER ratings are far less important than how you heat your Delaware new home.  As a part of Capstone Home’s Energysmart program, we focus on using heat pumps in new home communities where the Delaware electric coop is the electric provider.  These communities, like Bay Landing, , Bay Pines, and Longwood Lakes (to name a few), have high quality Bryant heat pump systems installed to take advantage of inexpensive electricity.  Some other Delaware new home builders use propane heat only.  Propane is an effective way to heat a home, but it comes at a high cost.  A propane system is less expensive for a Delaware new home builder to install, and it leaves the customer with higher energy costs in the future.  Heat pumps have come a long way over the years, and the Bryant extreme heat pump (which is an option in most Capstone Homes) is extremely efficient in temperatures well BELOW freezing.

So, stay warm and informed.  At Capstone Homes, we are proud of the new homes we build in communities like Milton and Lewes, Delaware.

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